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About Us

Vision Biolife
Our Mission
Our Vision

United to our project others can achieve their goals through our business plan and our products that provide positive results,  this gives the opportunity to take control of our potential and our finances. We are a company that cares and reaches out to everyone who joins our mission and brings health and financial aid.

Transmitting good habits of herbal supplements to most of the people and at the same time help people to live a better intellectual and financial life.

Mision Biolife



I'm Paula, sales manager, my job is to provide the best possible service to each of our costumers.



My name is David, my job in the company is to offer conferences related to herbal supplements.



I am Arely, general supervisor of Biolife Kali-ExeLife. I invite you to join our team.

Meet our team
Our Values

We care about the needs of our customers. We do not offer what we can not meet, we work as a team and we value positivism and good sense of humor, always orient our people to do the right thing and honest. We appreciate the effort and the work of our partners.


Hello my name is Karen, I am a general manager, my job is to monitor our employees fulfill their assigned jobs.


"Hello my name is karla I improve my health with only consume products biolife, but also lost weight and sizes incredibly, no risk, no contradictions, without extreme dieting, without traumas, only with perseverance discipline and patience today I feel very happy ... "" Grasias biolife for changing my life "


Tel (213) 926-0754

"Hello my name is Teresa Ponce want to share with you my story. Discouragement, anxiety and depression were destroying my life, did not know what was happening until one day someone invited me to Biolife, I could not lose a pound, on the contrary I gained weight for no reason, and they told me that I was having problems of hypothyroidism, I recommended it,  I began to consume products, the first thing I noticed was in my emotional change, felt more energy and zest for life, then noticed I was losing weight. Now I feel very healthy and happy, everything takes a process but worth it. "


Tel :  (818) 220 -3270

"Hello my name is Martha Tapia and I want to share with all of you my testimony: I was suffering from a respiratory problem, when I used to sleep I had not enough oxygen in my brain and my heart was very accelerated, the doctor prescribed me an asthma machine that I had to used to sleep for life, but someone recommended me Biolife Products, I started to take them, they helped me a lot and I don't longer need to use the little machine anymore.  I am now an independent distributor of Biolife because I want to bring my testimony to many people who also have this problem. Thanks Biolife .... "

Name : Martha Tapia  

Tel :  (805) 975 -2738

Email :

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